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Global utilization of research achievements

The following researches and developments are being conducted in The Corporate Research & Development Division, as the core research base of the Takasago Global R&D Network.

  1. Research and development of flavors and fragrances using artificial intelligence, computational science, bioscience, and human science
  2. Development of new aroma ingredients that are friendly to people and the environment
  3. Development of aroma ingredients using unused and renewable resources
  4. Development of advanced synthetic methods incorporating new reactions and new methods (data-driven methods)
  5. Development of efficient and environmentally friendly synthesis processes using catalytic and flow manufacturing technologies

The achievements of these researches are widely shared with flavorists and perfumers around the world through Takasago Global R&D Network for use in the creation of flavors and fragrances


The Takasago Times is a technology magazine published by Takasago International Corporation for the information of clients and business partners. It carries a wide range of information on the culture of fragrance and flavors and fragrances, as well as on the related science. Certain pages of the Times are extracted and posted on the website.