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Takasago unveils Fragrance Centre in Mumbai, India

Takasago is delighted to announce the official opening of Takasago International India Fragrance Centre (TIIFC) in Mumbai on 3rd April 2024. This new facility establishes a new presence in this important city, re-enforcing our presence and commitment to the fast-growing India market. TIIFC is designed to provide a collaborative working environment to foster deep partnerships with customers, enhance our fragrance competitiveness and serve more customers in this dynamic market. 

TIIFC is also a key asset in our global network and will support our mid-term management plans, New Global Plan-2 and provide a solid foundation to accelerate growth in the region. This milestone reaffirms Takasago's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and customer satisfaction on a global scale.


Overview details of Takasago International India Fragrance Centre (TIIFC)


Takasago International India Fragrance Centre


Takasago International India Private Limited
Unit 4 & 5, 9th Floor, R-City Mall Commercial Building (Gate #3), Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, India 400068


Ranjeet Agrawal

Business Description

Fragrance business functions that comprise of Fragrance R&D, Creation and Development, Sensory Evaluation, Fragrance Application, Consumer Insight and Market Research and Sales & Marketing activities.


3rd April 2024