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IFRA 50th Anniversary Global Fragrance Summit 2023

IFRA* Global Fragrance Summit was held in Geneva on December 5 and 6, 2023 to commemorate IFRA's 50th anniversary. Mr. Matsuo, Chairman of the Fragrance Committee of the Japan Flavor & Fragrance Materials Association(JFFMA)and IFRA member, participated in the event. In addition to companies in the fragrance industry, the summit also attracted approximately 170 key persons from various sectors around the world, including Cosmetics Europe, CEFIC (The European Chemical Industry Council), EU regulatory authorities, the United Nations, and other organizations.

The event centered its discussions around EU trends in the fragrance industry, with each theme addressing pertinent issues. Mr. Matsuo participated as a panelist, contributing to the discussion on the theme of fragrance-related cultural heritage. He introduced the Japanese incense stick culture and photos of the utensils used in Japan’s Way of Fragrance from the Takasago Collection®, providing a good opportunity for the audience to learn more about the Japanese fragrance culture.

*IFRA is an international organization that works to maintain the interests of the entire cosmetic fragrance industry and the safety of cosmetic and household fragrances.

IFRA 2023 – Global Fragrance Summit