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Poster presentation at IKCOC-15

TAKASAGO gave a poster presentation at The 15th International Kyoto Conference of New Aspects of Organic Chemistry (IKCOC-15) held in Kyoto, Japan, from November 20 to 23, 2023. IKCOC is a well-established international conference in the field of organic chemistry that was first held in Kyoto in 1979 and has been held every three years since then.

The poster presentation was entitled "Ruthenabicyclic Borohydride Complexes for Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Ketones and Asymmetric Formal Hydroamination of Allylic Alcohols under Base-Free Condition". We presented asymmetric hydrogenation of base-labile ketones and asymmetric formal hydroamination of racemic allylic alcohols using novel ruthenium catalysts that exhibit high catalytic activity under neutral conditions. This result was recently published in a paper. (Tetrahedron 2023149, 133705)