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Publication in Tetrahedron

TAKASAGO and Prof. Ohkuma (Hokkaido University) have co-published a paper entitled " Ru(η1-BH4)(daipena)(diphosphine): Ruthenabicyclic borohydride complexes for asymmetric hydrogenation of ketones and asymmetric formal hydroamination of allylic alcohols under base-free conditions " in Tetrahedron, a journal published by Elsevier.


Tetrahedron. 2023149, 133705.


We report on the development and application of novel Ru catalysts that exhibit high catalytic activity under neutral conditions. The Ru catalyst we have already developed (RUCY®) exhibits extremely high catalytic activity and stereoselectivity in the asymmetric hydrogenation of ketones. However, the need for a base restricts the asymmetric hydrogenation of base-labile ketones. We have found that novel Ru catalyst, in which the Cl ligand of RUCY® is converted to the η1-BH4 ligand, enables highly stereoselective asymmetric hydrogenation of ketones under base-free conditions. Furthermore, the asymmetric formal hydroamination of racemic allylic alcohols without the addition of an inorganic base was achieved to obtain chiral γ-amino alcohol with high stereoselectivity.

This paper has been selected for the 2023 Editors' Choice Collection due to its special importance, great novelty, or broad significance.