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Takasago started GMP continuous flow manufacturing with LAH reducing agent in ton scale.

Flow Chemistry offers various benefits to the manufacturing of chemical synthesis, such as the improvement of reaction time, temperature control, multi-step production, safety as well as reducing a process’ environmental impact.


Lithium aluminum hydride (LAH) is a very powerful reducing agent frequently used in organic synthesis to convert several types of oxygen containing carbon moieties, especially the reduction of ketones, aldehydes, esters, carboxylic acids, and amides. However, its robust reducing capability implies that it also reacts vigorously with water, acids and alcohols and can ignite in exposure to ambient air.


LAH thus has been used the chemical industry in the smaller scales and an industrial scale LAH reduction has always been a challenge. However, our continuous flow manufacturing technology has now enabled Takasago to succeed in the industrial production of an API intermediate via LAH reduction with GMP compliance.


Takasago has obtained excellent reputation from pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the world for our catalyst and ligand technologies which not only improve economical and production efficiency but also reduce environmental burden.


Using continuous reactors, Takasago has pioneered in the tons scale flow GMP manufacturing of API intermediates, using our expertise in asymmetric hydrogenation and reduced amino reactions. With our latest LAH technology, we were once again able to expand our capability in this field. We will continue to provide our products consistently, always in the pursuit of technological advancement.

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