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Arlequinade by Paul Poiret


  • Arlequinade by Paul Poiret
France 1924 H15cm
A perfume bottle designed for Parfumes de Rosine by Paul Poiret, a magnate of the Paris fashion world in the 1920's. This fine example of an art deco-style perfume bottle was modeled on a Harlequin's cooked hat and imbricated costume pattern, all unified in a black, gold and transparent triangular design.

Le Roy Soleil by Salvador Dali


  • Le Roy Soleil by Salvador Dali
France 1946 H23cm Box
This perfume bottle was designed by Salvador Dali at the request of the Schiaparelli company, and made by Baccarat. In the year when World War II came to an end, Dali used the sun to symbolize the joy of peace regained and incorporated it into an image of Louis XIV, the Sun King, who represented the glory of France. Thus, the perfume bottle named "Le Roy Soleil "came into existence. This is one of the most famous and valuable perfume bottles ever produced by an artist.