Photographs taken by Jumonji Bishin for "Treasures from The Takasago Collection," an illustrated book of the Takasago Collection. Please take a look at the "Forms of Fragrance" selected by the artist's eye.


Perfume bottle with lily motif

Paisley-shaped perfume bottle with button motif

Perfume bottle with cornflower motif

Glass perfume bottle with grape motifs

Kiriko perfume bottle

Perfume bottle with nude motif

Cotes Bouchoun Papillons

Ambre (D'Orsay)


Bouchon Eucalyptus

Fleur de pommier


Arlequinade (Les parfums de Rosine)

Ramsés II (Parfume Bichara)

ÉCARLATE de SUZY (Suzy Perfumes)

Le Roy Soleil (Schiaparelli)

 J'Appartiens à Miss Dior (Christian Dior)

Calendal (Molinard)

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