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DEOATAK® consists of multiple series of polyphenols + accelerators products. Of these, its polyphenols + enzymes products are Takasago's proprietary deodorant materials that make use of the deodorizing capability of polyphenols, with "eliminating odor" as their key concept. By using enzymes to maximally draw out the deodorizing ability of polyphenols, it enables quick and powerful deodorization. It is a plant-derived material that achieves a powerful deodorant effect. 


Strengths of DEOATAK®



As a deodorizing material created from natural food materials such as vegetables and fruits, DEOATAK® is a food material and requires no additive labeling.


Proprietary deodorant activity

As water triggers its activation, it begins to exhibit its powerful deodorant activity only in the presence of water. It is ideal for compressed tablets that come into contact with moisture in the mouth.


Deodorization of sulfurous malodorous substances

DEOATAK® is effective against not only nitrogenous malodorous substances but also sulfurous malodorous substances, which have conventionally been difficult to deodorize.


Highly convenient powder form

DEOATAK® is an easy-to-use powder that allows long-term storage at room temperature.

DEOATAK® solution ideas

A people- and environment-friendly deodorization concept with plant-derived deodorant effect

Derived from vegetables and fruits, DEOATAK® is a deodorant material that is friendly to people and the environment. As a food material, it does not require additive labeling. We also conduct toxicity and irritation testing of DEOATAK®.


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