Nankaikako Co., Ltd.

We are abundant with a warm climate and the rich, high-quality water of the Hidaka River, which is sourced from Mt. Gomadan, the highest peak in Wakayama Prefecture, and are in an extremely advantageous location as a "fruit juice manufacturing factory" against the backdrop of a major production area of mandarin oranges and plums known throughout Japan. Taking advantage of this position and the unique features of "fruit juice production" + "bottling", we aim to be a company that contributes to society by providing "good taste and health" by making full use of "unique fruit processing technology" based on the basic philosophy of "legal compliance, trust, and security" for all employees.


Company Profile

Company Name

Nankaikako Co., Ltd.


1181 Oaza Habu, Hidakagawa-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama 649-1324, Japan
TEL +81-738-22-3391 FAX +81-738-22-7450

Factory/Research and Development Center

1181 Oaza Habu, Hidakagawa-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama 649-1324, Japan
 TEL +81-738-22-3391 FAX +81-738-22-7450


1 October 1952


Masahiro Kuramochi, President and Representative Director


245.1 million yen (100% investment by Takasago International Corporation)

Number of Employee

55 persons

Description of Business

Develop, manufacture, and sales of food ingredients, mainly fruit juices and canned soft drinks