Aroma Ingredients

Takasago International was founded in 1920 as an aroma ingredients company. We have been striving to screen the world with the goal to discover and manufacture novel and finest flavor and fragrance ingredients inspired by nature.

Since its founding, we manufacture number of synthetic ingredients including ionone, anisaldehyde, benzyl acetate phenyl ethyl alcohol, citronellol and geraniol. Since then, thanks to state-of-the-art in-house chemistry, we could industrialize vanillin, heliotropine.

In 1983, we successfully industrialize the l -menthol worldwide, a very coveted major key aroma ingredient of peppermint and mint.
The final process obtained from a joint research, issued by combining the results of asymmetric isomerization reaction developed by Dr. Sei Otsuka from Osaka University and results issued from Dr. Noyori Ryoji chiral ligand BINAP. This catalysis reaction provides easy means of making chiral fragrant molecules, in the same way have been stimulating the chemical science and culture.
In particular, technical asymmetric synthesis for l -menthol, has been used in research and development to obtain innovative and very engaging aroma ingredients.
Application of this process was extended to selectively synthesize under the brand new concept of Chiraroma® other ingredients like Laurinal®, Baranal®, Baranol®, Thesaron®, l -2H-Farnesol, l -muscone, Coolact®. Later on, Takasago's external director Dr. Noyori Ryoji accepted the Nobel Prize for this technology.

Our research fields are not limited to asymmetric isomerization synthesis processes as our chemical expertise for manufacturing aroma ingredients is applied to various chemical reactions allowing to produce ingredients resulting from Grignard reaction or Diels-Alder and to manufacture different ingredients families like MuskT®, musk C-14, Oxalide®, Ambestol®, SantalexT®, Kovanol®

Produced with the priority to screen the appropriate stereoisomer, our aroma ingredients have very clean features and fine aroma characters. This permits to use them safely and widely in diverse product categories in fine fragrance, household, toiletries products, and flavor products providing a final natural character.