Cultivating relationships with customers

In order to keep growing, we must continue to be our customers’ most reliable partner. To this end, we will continue to pursue high quality through rigorous R&D efforts, ensure the proper disclosure of information, and strengthen partnerships with suppliers on a global scale.

Quality management

The Takasago Group has established the "Corporate QC policy", in order to deliver products of trusted quality that satisfy our customers under our corporate philosophy, which includes all affiliated companies, domestic and overseas, with daily effort and commitment.

The Quality Assurance Department, located in our main offices in Japan, directly connects to top management in order to ensure independence from manufacturing, sales, and other departments. In addition, the chain of command system in the Quality Assurance Office in each factory in Japan directly connects to the Quality Assurance Department, so that fair quality assurance is ensured.

Corporate Quality Assurance Headquarters works very closely with affiliates and promotes the enhancement of the global Quality Assurance framework.
It provides for the unified management of information on safety requirements and regulations, such as national regulations and customer restrictions, and promotes the standardization of testing and inspection methods
In terms of quality management systems, Takasago establishes requirements and provides support to all manufacturing sites with regards to two distinct systems. ISO 9001 has been implemented in headquarters-related divisions, as well as fine chemical and aroma ingredient manufacturing sites on a global basis. In addition, food safety management systems (FSSC 22000 / ISO 22000 / BRC) are in place at Takasago flavor manufacturing facilities.

Takasago promotes enhanced quality and service by effectively operating in the areas described above in order to support our customer’s business as a global partner.

Research & Development

R&D is the main driving forces of the technology-oriented Takasago Group. Through our strong R&D team, we give substance to our customer-first policy and to seek to enhance quality of life by creating flavors, fragrance, and intermediates of pharmaceuticals needed by each market.

Contributing to the growth of customers through four business divisions

The Takasago Group comprises four business divisions: flavors, fragrance, aroma ingredients and fine chemicals. Research and Development Centers in Hiratsuka, Japan conducts R&D for synthesis and analytical technologies as well as for basic technologies with the potential to lead to new businesses. Thereby R&D supports the development of high-quality products that benefit society in consideration of the global environment.

Hiratsuka R&D located adjacent to the Hiratsuka Factory

Hiratsuka R&D located adjacent to the Hiratsuka Factory

Cultivating relationships with business partners

Business partners

The production activities of the Takasago Group are supported by our business partners including the suppliers of raw materials. The Takasago Group is committed to sustainably continue and develop partnerships with these important stakeholders based on fair and sound relationships.

Supply chain management

We value strong and reciprocal relationships with suppliers and are at the same time conducting procurement activities giving full consideration to the transparency of transactions. We promote and implement supply chain management in order to ensure a continuation of reliable supply of high-quality and safe products.

Procurement policy

We have established Corporate Procurement Policy and Corporate Procurement Guidelines to ensure responsible procurement activities by all staff in Japan and by staff at other operations of the Takasago Group engaged in the procurement.

The Takasago Group stably procures safe and reliable raw materials at the most economical prices that can be realized such that the sites in the respective countries will continue to win confidence. The quality of such raw materials must satisfy the customer’s requests and meet the laws and regulations of the respective countries.

■Corporate Procurement Policy
We practice the following in our procurement activities:

  • ● Pursuing the three elements of quality, cost, and stable supply
  • ● Persisting in the observance of all relevant laws, respect for human rights, being fair, dealing impartially and considering preserving the environment
  • ● Valuing a regional culture and building a partnership between the Takasago Group and the supplier

■Supplier Code of Conduct

As a company that values the global environment & aspires to gain a high level of trust from society, Takasago holds sustainability as one of the key cornerstones of our business.

Takasago therefore prioritizes & values suppliers that place importance on global & social responsibilities (e.g. sustainability, compliance with laws, regulations & social norms, protection of human rights, assuring health & safety & fair trade).

Strengthening partnerships with suppliers

We will maintain and reinforce a system with dependable suppliers in order to stably and reliably procure high-quality raw materials.The suppliers will be asked to share and understand the Supplier Code of Conduct, which emphasizes sustainability, respect of basic human rights and other corporate social responsibilities. This will be validated through supplier surveys and other means.

Green Procurement

The Corporate Procurement Policy includes consideration of environmental conservation, and raw materials will be purchased preferentially from the suppliers who aspire to use renewable resources and who are active in environmental activities.