Cultivating relationships with shareholders and investors

Shareholders and Investors

We make utmost efforts to return profits to shareholders by realizing steady growth through sound and transparent corporate management. At the same time, we work hard to develop good relationships with shareholders and investors both in and outside of Japan.

Stakeholder Engagement

Takasago defines its stakeholders as those individuals and organizations that affect or are affected by the company’s business, and regards shareholders, society, suppliers, customers and employees as our key stakeholders. Dialogue with each stakeholder provides us with insights on important issues to them and our company. We value communication with stakeholders for corporate decisions.

Dialogue with Shareholders

After the shareholder’s meeting 2017, we gave a questionnaire to our shareholders.
This activity, our first time attempt, is along the line with Basic Corporate Governance Policy, article 23: The company shall make much account of constructive dialogue with shareholders, and shall make every effort to have dialogue mainly by executive management including the top management team through various opportunities. Shareholder’s Feedback is provided to executive management so as to consider for the improvement and report on next shareholder’s letter. We highly value this communication that leads us to the sustainable growth and the improvement of the corporate value over the mid to long term.

IR Activities

As stated in its Code of Conduct, the Takasago Group discloses corporate information in a timely and adequate manner and strives to enhance our transparency to the public.

Investor Briefing

The Takasago Group conducts investor and analyst briefings on its financial results at the end of each full and half term, as well as on each new medium-term management plan at the time of its announcement. Our Investor Relations/Public Relations Department meanwhile, functions as a contact point for shareholders and investors to facilitate two-way communication with the Group. We also issue newsletters for individual shareholders as well as publish data and press releases on our IR website. We continue to strengthen our IR activities in order to help our shareholders and investors acquire a deeper understanding of the Group.

Investor briefing

Investor briefing

Report on Dividend Payments and the Breakdown of Shareholders

The Takasago group embraces as its goal a management practice which can secure a higher level of profit and generate continuous, reliable dividends taking into account the performance level as the principle on which shareholder-favoring business operation is based.
As far as the dividend in fiscal year of 2017 is concerned, it has been decided, after taking into account the basic policy regarding dividends that this should be 20 yen/share for interim, and 35 yen/share for term end, so that the total is 55 yen/share for the full year.
Internal reserves are utilized for investments on the manufacturing facilities, research and development, information-related, and other area as well as the reinforcement of the financial characteristics.

■Breakdown of Shareholders