Relationships with Shareholders and Investorss

We make utmost efforts to return relevant profits to shareholders by realizing sustainable growth through sound and transparent corporate management. At the same time, we work hard to further strengthen communication with shareholders and investors both in and outside of Japan.

Timely and Adequate Disclosure of Corporate Information

■Investor Relations (IR)

The Takasago Group discloses corporate information in a timely and adequate manner to shareholders and investors.

As part of our efforts to improve our IR activities, we send Newsletter to Shareholders twice a year to the shareholders while disclosing related materials and press releases on the IR site in our website to expand the investor community and enable shareholders and investors to deepen their understanding about our business activities.

We hold two briefings on our financial results participated by our president and officers in charge for institutional investors and analysts after the results for the interim and term end are released. The content of the briefing is also disclosed on our IR site. Furthermore, Investor and Public Relations Department takes charge in handling reporting related to IR and visits to investors.

Investor briefing
Investor briefing

Dialogue with Shareholders

■General Shareholders Meeting

We avoid holding our General Shareholders Meeting on the day many companies hold their shareholder meetings so more shareholders can attend our meeting. We also strive to inform our shareholders about the briefing as early as possible and send the notice three weeks prior to the briefing while disclosing the information on the Internet prior to sending the notice.

In addition, we are fostering an environment which enables shareholders who cannot attend the briefing to exercise their voting rights through the Internet, such as through participating in the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Electronic Voting Platform.

■Shareholder Return

The Takasago Group embraces shareholder-favoring business operation and aims to attain corporate base which enables a higher level of profit and generates continuous, stable dividends taking into account the business performance at the same time.

As far as the dividend in fiscal year of 2018 is concerned, it has been decided, after taking into account the basic policy regarding dividends that this should be 20 yen/share for interim, and 35 yen/share for term end, so that the total is 55 yen/share for the full year. The shareholder return under our capital policy is determined considering dividing the cash flow gained from business activities, sales of non-business assets, and other means between investment in growing fields, strengthening financial base, and shareholder return in a well-balanced manner.

■Breakdown of shareholders

Breakdown of shareholders

(As of September 30, 2018)

*Shares held by the Company (2.0%) are included in the Individuals segment.

■Dividends per share

Dividends per share

*The figures are calculated based on the level after the reverse stock split in October 1, 2015.

Please refer here for more deitails on dividends.