Relationships with employees

Respect for Human Rights and Elimination of Discrimination

Takasago does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any type, from any source.* In the EHS100 Plan, we have enumerated four priority issues regarding our “Respect for Basic Human and Worker Rights”: Child labor, Respect for the individual, Hiring of Disabled Workers, and Assessment of Suppliers. In line with this, we have implemented the following:

Respect for Basic Human and Worker Rights

  • Prohibition of child labor below the age of 16
  • Human rights education
  • Provide appropriate accommodations for persons with disabilities
  • Provision of Takasago International Corporation’s Suppliers’ Code of Conduct to all our suppliers

* Race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, sex, pregnancy, age, marital or familial status, sexual orientation, veteran or military status or unfavorable military discharge, atypical hereditary cellular or blood trait, genetic information, arrest record or any other basis prohibited by regional laws.

Training and Education

Takasago is committed to providing employees with a rewarding and challenging work environment; supplying our customers with quality and innovative products and giving back to our local communities. Takasago fully recognizes its responsibility to the community and environment in which we operate. We have consistently communicated our position and expectations to our employees and are taking the additional steps to formally train our employees globally.

Aligned with these goals, Takasago engages in ongoing training activities to promote sustainable learnings and obtain positive behavioral results. These include providing comprehensive education on anti-harassment and diversity to ensure employees and managers embrace the importance of cultural differences and inclusion, support human rights, and respect varying beliefs and practices. Safety procedures are prioritized to increase awareness of dangerous activities and hazardous materials with the goal of eliminating injuries and illnesses of all personnel.

Our Code of Business Conduct outlines expectations for interacting with employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, regulatory agencies and the communities in which we operate. Takasago provides anti-corruption, anti-trust and related trainings across all regions to educate and reinforce a commitment to regulatory excellence and fair competition.

The culture within Takasago supports employee growth and development from on-boarding, ongoing training and on-the-job experiences. Employees actively participate in career path aspirations and provide feedback to modify and enhance individual performance. In collaboration with management, performance metrics are established, development plans created and opportunities to embark on new projects are provided, to fully understand the operations of the organization. Building on employee expertise allows Takasago to continuously enhance the products and services provided to the consumer.

Takasago Educational Program consists of above 5 pillars

Career Development

Takasago is highly committed to career development and career pathing for our employees. We understand what knowledge, skills, personal characteristics and experience are required for an employee to progress in his or her career. We identify talents, support employee development beyond borders, share best practices and knowledge transfer, broaden perspective and network and expand global capabilities. Takasago offers a variety of tools, trainings and possibilities to develop laterally or by promotion and/or by departmental transfer.

Human Resource Development Statement

Takasago International Corporation recognizes that our employees are a critical component for success. The organization supports an environment that empowers and challenges employees to reach their full potential.

We focus on combining employee aspirations for career growth, with opportunities to enhance skills, by offering on-the-job and external training opportunities.

Trust from our customers is earned from providing pioneering technology and exceptional service resulting from solid teamwork of (The Takasago Group’s) employees. To maintain this trust, we continually invest in educational, development and enrichment opportunities, resulting in confident employees that embrace challenges, learn from failures as an avenue for growth and successful innovative improvements.

Lastly, the organization inspires teamwork by engaging a diversified group of professional competencies, fully equipped to meet a wide range of challenges. Roles and responsibilities are aligned across affiliates, ensuring skill sets and requirements are comprehensive, utilizing local talents in a global manner.

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Promoting Diversity

Takasago continually strives to create a work environment that welcomes and respects diversity and empowers individuals to realize their full potential. As part of this, we support efforts to increase female managers and foreign national employees while promoting the benefits of diversity and inclusion. Takasago values the contributions of all employees, and believe that the broad perspective provided by a diverse workforce adds enhanced value to all our products and operations on a global basis.

Employee Health and Safety

Takasago is dedicated to the promotion of employees' health and safety, both at work and at home, through a combination of information and training. This commitment is rooted in the long history of our company and reflects our traditional values that emphasize the importance of every individual in our entire organization. On the job, Takasago provides all required training and equipment to ensure the continued health and safety of our workers.