Relationships with local communities

As Takasago states in Basic Management Policy that respects the global environment and local communities, we consider connecting with the locals is fundamentally important. Takasago has been making various approaches such as providing cultural/historical contribution, educational programs, donations and supporting community activities, conducted site by site, for a long time. We will continue these activities and try to be a sincere, faithful and trustful partner.

Activities for overseas communities

A breakfast with gardeners

All our gardeners are people with disabilities. We invited them for a breakfast in December 2018, and we offered them chocolate Santa Clause at the breakfast.

a look of the blood donation

Educational program with schools

Takasago Singapore engaged in an educational program which aims to enrich the learning experiences of students and to inspire them in pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)-related career in the future. Both Flavor and Fragrance Division of the company accepted students from schools which runs STEM-ALP (Applied Learning Programs) supported by the Ministry of Education of Singapore.

Educational program with schools<br>(Singapore)

Blood drive with the American Red Cross. (USA, Mexico, Brazil)

For the last several years, Takasago America has partnered with the American Red Cross to sponsor blood drives for employees. Every blood donation saves or sustains the lives of up to three of our neighbors within the community. Takasago Mexico and Brazil have started the same action in their communities. We are working towards the same direction across the Americas.

Educational program with schools<br>(Singapore)

Activities in Japan

Takasago Food Products

Donated culture soil to an elementary school in Iwata City, located in the central part of Japan.


Iwata Factory

Awarded for the contribution of cleaning up activities


Kashima Factory

Joined clean up activity


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