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Global Policy

With customer satisfaction as our highest priority, Takasago has devised a Corporate QC Policy based on our Corporate Philosophy, Basic Management Policy and Charter of Corporate Behavior. We follow a consistent approach to quality and make continuous efforts to provide reliable quality and ensure that our customers globally are always satisfied.

Customor Satisfaction

Quality Assurance Organization

The mission of Corporate Quality Assurance Headquarters (QAHQ) is to ensure that Takasago supplies safe, wholesome and reliable fragrances, flavors, aroma ingredients and fine chemicals that comply with safety and regulatory requirements of governmental bodies, customers or trade associations. In addition, Takasago’s QAHQ makes sure that Takasago consistently delivers quality products and services that meet the highest standards. QAHQ is an independent organization and consists of the quality assurance departments across the globe under “One Takasago Quality Assurance Concept”. This organization also includes global QC centers as well as global safety and regulatory affairs centers working closely with the local teams.
These centers are also responsible for the development of global policies and guidelines under a globally standardized business process and make sure that these are incorporated in an appropriate manner. With this, Takasago is able to provide the highest quality to satisfy all our customers worldwide.

QC Policy, SOP and Guideline

Takasago’s Corporate QC Policy was made based on our Corporate Philosophy, Basic Management Policy and Charter of Corporate Behavior. This enables us to make a globally consistent approach globally and make continuous efforts to provide reliable quality to meet customers’ expectation.
In line with the Corporate QC Policy, global QC SOPs and guidelines were established to standardize detailed QC procedures across all business units and geographies.
These guidelines are also incorporated in the local quality management procedures and practices ensuring the alignment of our own QC management globally.

Corporate QC Policy

  • 1.
    Complying with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • 2.
    Continuously improving our Quality Control systems and procedures to ensure that we only provide safe and reliable products of consistent quality.
  • 3.
    Assuring a thorough quality assurance management and verification process of our raw materials and manufacturing processes.
  • 4.
    Having an independent Quality Assurance organization.

Global Meeting

QAHQ organizes global meetings of the Quality Division on a regular basis. The main objective is to ensure that Takasago delivers the highest quality. The meetings are designed to update on the latest regulations, global policies and guidelines and to discuss any concerns among members. This activity contributes to ensuring that Takasago provides the same level of quality and service for all customers globally.

Training Programs

To develop and maintain our quality and service, all local teams participate in many kinds of training including sensory, analysis and so on. This training is conducted by Global Quality Control Centers, and the results are shared at global Quality meetings. This is part of Takasago’s efforts for continuous improvement.


It is Takasago’s global policy to comply with the latest regulations and/or legislation. Global Safety and Regulatory Affairs Centers are continuously monitoring changes in regulations, customer requirements and standards or guidelines from trade organizations like FEMA, IFRA, RIFM and so on. Information is shared promptly with each local site. This process helps guarantee that Takasago provides safe and reliable products all over the world.

On-site Audit

To further strengthen the group’s quality management, global QC centers conduct an on-site audit regularly to identify points for improvement. Based on corrective and preventive action plans, the centers monitor the progress through the monthly report that is prepared by the local team.

Customer Health and Safety

Takasago develops and manufactures a wide range of products across four business pillars: Fragrances, Flavors, Aroma Ingredients and Fine Chemicals. As an integral part of the creation and production processes, Takasago continually evaluates all our products for improvement of their health and safety compliance. This approach applied from the research and development stage up to the manufacturing stage of our products.

Provision of Product Information

Takasago develops and manufactures Fragrances, Flavors, Aroma Ingredients and Fine Chemicals.
These 4 unit’s sales are made through business-to-business channels. None of our products are sold directly to consumers. Our Fragrances and Flavors are sold to consumer product goods companies, who incorporate them into their products that are sold to the general public. Our Aroma Ingredients are sold to other Flavor and Fragrance companies for use in the creation and manufacture of their own compounds. Takasago Fine Chemicals are generally used as intermediates for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and of chemicals. When supplying our products to our customers, Takasago provides product information as required by regulations and/or the customer for all the products we manufacture.

This typically includes one or more of the following:

  • Sourcing of the raw materials used in the manufacture of our products
  • Composition of our products
  • Safety data sheets (which highlight components that may have an
    environmental impact)
  • Information on the safe use of our product


Takasago promotes the acquisition of management system certifications such as ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 / ISO 22000 and GFSI Scheme, to international standards as appropriate for various product categories, as part of a group-wide initiative that includes group companies in Japan and overseas. Appropriate application of these standards helps us promote better quality and service, as well as ensure global standardization.

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
    Integrated certification acquired by the related departments in the Head Office as well as three manufacturing sites in Japan.
  • Foods Safety Management System FSSC 22000/ISO 22000
    Certification acquired by 8 factories and 3 divisions in flavor-related operations.
  • Laboratories ISO/IEC 17025
    Certification Acquired by Analytical Technology Research Laboratory Dept. No.1, standardization is being promoted at the testing level.
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
    Certification acquired by 10 manufacturing sites in Asia and Europe.
  • Food Safety Management System FSSC 22000/ISO 22000 and GFSI Scheme
    Acquisition of Food Safety Management System certification by 8 flavor factories.
(The number of sites is as of March 2019)

Position Statement on Animal Testing

The Takasago group is committed to the followings regarding research and development on flavor, fragrance compounds and aroma ingredients.

  • - The Takasago group will not conduct any animal testing.
  • - The Takasago group will not sponsor any activities involving animal testing.

This excludes the cases when animal testing is explicitly required by law, regulation, instructions, or guidelines of governmental agencies to demonstrate safety or quality.

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