Explanation of Takasago De Mexico

FSSC 2200 Certification
Valid from 05 May 2016 to 17 Feb 2019

ISO 9001 Certification
Valid from 28 Apr 2016 to 15 Sep 2018

ISO 14001 Certificaton
Valid from 19 Dec 2017 to 19 Dec 2020

Environmental loading reduction – Decrease of Water Consumption

Decrease of water consumption

Takasago de Mexico completed the replacement of all urinals by ecological urinals, which does not consume any drop of potable water for its normal function, only is used a little quantity of water for its cleaning process. The installation of this urinals helps to decrease the water consumption approximately in the order of 60 m3 for each urinal every year.

Decrease of water consumption

Takasago de México monitors water consumption in each process of the plant to establish more specific water saving measures.

Takasago de Mexico has installed water-saving devices in bathrooms and in their production processes, which include water saving economizer faucet for hand washing, water saving economizer shower and electric powered cold-water pressure washers for cleaning equipment.

Separation and Recycling of Waste

This initiative considered the replacement of incandescent or fluorescent spotlight by LED technology. Currently, this technology has some benefits, the principal advantage is the low consumption of energy, about 60 % less than the fluorescent spotlight, average lifetime is 50,000 hours, it means up to 5 years, thereby reducing maintenance and operations costs, as well as hazardous waste generation. Takasago de Mexico has realized the change of 65% of the total number of luminaries by LED technology.


Another initiative is the use of natural light, for this reason Takasago de Mexico has installed ceilings with translucent sheets in productive areas, this allows to keep the luminaries off during the work shift.


Environmental loading reduction – Handling of Non-Hazardous Solid Waste

The different kind of non-hazardous waste is properly separated and is sending to its adequate reclamation, those waste are generated in all the areas of Takasago Mexico. The total quantity of recyclable waste such as Cardboard, Metal, Glass, Plastic, and Wood is sent to recycling, more than 70 % of the total waste generated is sent to recycling.

Decrease water consumption in the cleaning process of equipment.

Communication with local communities

Cleaning Green Areas

TDM collaborators participated cleaning up the Green areas in our community.

Cleaning Green Areas

Ancient Nursing Home

In TDM we give a monthly donation to ancient nursing home and the collaborators visit them in a yearly basis.

Packing material recycled

History and Culture / Education

Kings and Candelaria Days:

On January 6th of each year the staff of TDM cuts the traditional ‘Bread of Kings’ which is significant Celebration in a our Culture and afterwards celebrate the ‘Candelaria Day’ on February 2nd, and the collaborators invite the others to eat the typical Mexican food “tamales and atole.”

History and Culture / Education

Mother and Father Days

This is an important celebration in Mexico.
TDM gives a little present to all mothers and fathers.

History and Culture / Education

Souls Day:

This Celebration is performed every year by different teams in TDM.
It is a very popular tradition that has its origin in a pre-Hispanic culture.
The celebration is on November 1st and 2nd.

History and Culture / Education

Celebration of the Independence Day of Mexico:

Every year the TDM celebrates the Independence Day of Mexico, organizing performance of regional costumes, folkloric dancing and traditional Mexican music.

History and Culture / Education

Summer education

Every year, TDM invites the collaborators sons between 15-21 years old to join us on their summer holidays in some TDM´s areas and help them to identify their areas of interest for their future career. The name of program is “YOUNG IN ACTION”

History and Culture / Education

Guadalupe Virgin Day

This is an important Religious celebration in Mexico.

History and Culture / Education