Enhancing safety measures in pursuit of further improvements.


Takasago International India Private Limited (TII) relocated to the new site at One Hub Chennai Industrial Park, Kancheepuram District – 603 105 and was officially opened on March 3, 2017.

This site is fully equipped to handle operations pertaining to Flavours & Fragrances manufacturing, R&D, Consumer Insights, Marketing and Sales Functions.

TII has the ISO9001 / 2015, FSSC22000, HALAL certifications and assurance systems.

Water initiative – Towards conservation

TII has strong commitment towards environment on water conservation and recycling initiatives. The first initiative, recycling of waste water from the production floors are treated and used for the green belt development of TII site. This helps to adhere the green initiative requirements and reduce use of fresh water for green belt development. 50 KL of water is utilised / month by this initiative.

Waste water treatment plant

Waste water treatment plant

Renewable Energy - Solar system

Chennai is sunny and warm for 8 months of a year and has good daylight environment for 6 hours a day.< This is an advantage for utilising the solar energy for renewable energy for electricity consumption.

In this aspect, TII installed solar lighting system for site peripheral lighting. The installed solar system is 9KW/day vs the normal electrical system of 14kw/day.

Solar lighting system for external lighting

Solar lighting system for external lighting

Engagement with local Communities

A Well behind the TII premises belonging to the Village Administration and which is a source of water to almost a 10,000 people in the nearby village was contaminated during the 2015 floods in Chennai. As a gesture of goodwill, TII took initiative in de-contaminating the well and cleaning and stanitizing the surroundings.

Before the TII Initiative

Before the TII Initiative
Before the TII Initiative

After the TII Initiative

Before the TII Initiative
Before the TII Initiative

To illustrate its responsibility to a better soceity, TII is in alliance with Dorcas Research Centre for Education, Art and Culture an NGO which is involved in health initiatives, disaster relief and livelihood assistance.

TII created a programme to train rehabilitated women and women with disabilities in soap / candle making and dhoop sticks (Low cost air care products) for sustainability.

This was a two day programme wherein the participants were on the first day subjected to an icebreaking session and then trained on basic raw material including naturally available ingredients, their benefits, and formulation. They were also subjected to safety and cost effective measures for making the above products.

On the second day the participants were given hands on experience in making products and packaging.

History & Culture

ONAM CELEBRATIONS: Onam is a cultural and social festival native to Kerala but celebrated over most of South India. This is a harvest festival and closely associated with creativity. Apart from the many social events in this 10 day feast, floral carpets known as Pookolam are made out of the gathered blossoms with differing tints to design and decorate patterns on floor, particularly at entrances and temple premises like a flower mat. The centre of the Pookolam is lit with a lamp which symbolises as a vanquisher of darkness and a mark of prosperity. Onam was celebrated in TII and a Pookolam competition held. The association of these floral carpets to Takasago was also a criteria on which the best design was ajudged.


HOLI CELEBRATIONS: Holi is another social festival of India celebrated to mark the beginning of spring. Holi, a free-for-all festival of colours is filled with fun and frolic where people smear each other with colour powders and drench each other. Holi was celebrated in TII and provided a stress buster atomosphere.