Aligned with global objectives and goals, Takasago Brazil seeks to continuously improve its processes, protecting the environment and aiming at reducing impact of its activities and prevent pollution / depletion of natural resources.

As part of the global management policy, in 2017 the site was accredited for the international ISO 14001:2015, as well as ISO 9001 (Quality management). Besides, it was certified by FSSC22000, which is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) based on existing ISO standards. This demonstrates that Takasago Brazil has a robust Food Safety Management System that meets requirements of its customers.

Reduction of waste to landfill

Takasago Brazil promotes a culture of environmental responsibility by encouraging employees to contribute on actions and practices aimed at minimizing waste of materials and products, as well as saving nature of the extraction of resources.

Within this context, some actions were established to contribute to the reduction of wastes from production processes, such as:

  • Recovery, recycling and reverse logistics of packaging and coprocessing of liquid waste.
  • During last years, TBR has stopped sending 45% of waste to the landfill, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, as well as other greenhouse gases (GHG).

By having as a reference the 3R's principle, projects were developed to achieve this result: Reduction, Direct Reuse of products and Recycling of materials, as well as initiatives focused on awareness, such as employees’ disposal of disused electronic equipment, broken and accumulated at home or in offices.

EHS TBR-Monagement Waste
Selective Collection

EHS TBR-Coprocessing of gardening waste
Reduction of 4 tons / month solld waste

EHS TBR-Monagement Waste
Selective Collection

EHS TBR-Waste Management-Solvents
Qualification of supplier solvent recovery

Quiz - Education for Sustainability

Recyclling packing and reverse logistics

Quiz - Education for Sustainability

Electronics waste

Energy Efficiency

As part of the Environment training, interactive activities were conducted among teams addressing the theme of energy reduction.

This moment contributed to reflection on the theme through the exchange of experiences among the group, encouraging individual or collective actions in a practical way emphasizing global thinking through local actions. Within this context, some actions were established that contributed to reduce energy consumption in the production process such as:

  • It was redefined the use of spray dryer gas scrubbers at flavors production.
  • Replacement of engine and floats in the WTP Waste Treatment Plant has contributed to treatment efficiency as well as reduced energy consumption in the WTP.


Quiz - Education for Sustainability


Quiz - Education for Sustainability
Composting Garden Waste

In addition, all external reflectors have been replaced by LEDs. The internal lightening will be gradually replaced by LED lamps reducing consumption of energy. Goals and targets were established for the installation of at least 10% of renewable energy sources. (photovoltaic).

Water Efficiency

Efficient and sustainable use of water is a priority in all phases of the production process. Takasago Brazil implemented, over seven years, measures that resulted in savings of approximately 25% of the water consumption in the plant, which is equivalent to a reduction of approximately 298 m³ of water per tons of production.

To achieve this result, Takasago Brazil monitored over a period of time to investigate the profile and history of the unit and set targets to achieve consumption reduction.

Main activities performed in this action are related to analytical monitoring with weekly inspections, continuous monitoring of the meters (water meters), adjustment of the water flow of the toilets / changing rooms, as well as hydraulic maintenance in pipes. The water supply is made by deep well and serves all uses, involving restaurant, toilets, cooling towers, floor cleaning, productions, etc.

Composting Garden Waste

Social responsibility 2017

Healthy Industry Program

NGO "AFETO" is part of a program in the City of Vinhedo since 2011, along with CRAS (Social Assistance Reference Center).
In the period when the children are not in school, they go to Afeto and participate in various activities: Karate, Capoeira, Cooking, arts, toys, etc.

In addition to all these activities, a lot of work is done with the families of the children served by the project. All families are monitored, where support is provided for the reconstruction of values and affective bonds, since many children are "given" to relatives and neighbors.
Takasago has decided to work with this NGO in several activities in 2017.

October 10th - Pencil Donation – Kids Day

Vaccination against Flu

60 children of AFETO Institution received 36-color pencil boxes as a child's day gift. Our idea was to give more "COLOR" to the life of these children, allowing them to have fun and to make their life stories more colorful!

October 10th - Arrastão Donation – Kids Day

Arrastão Donation – Kids Day
Arrastão Donation – Kids Day
Arrastão Donation – Kids Day

Takasago also made a donation to the Arrastão project, which is a non-profit organization that hosts and supports families in the Campo Limpo region who live in poverty. This work of human promotion and community development is done together with these families and gives rise to various programs in the areas of education, culture, income generation, housing and quality of life. Among several social activities, they make presentations playing various musical instruments prepared with recycled materials. During their visit, employees interacted with them and everybody had lunch together.

December, 20th - Christmas Lunch with Takasago’s employees

Arrastão Donation – Kids Day
Arrastão Donation – Kids Day
Arrastão Donation – Kids Day

Christmas week, Takasago has invited the NGO AFETO to visit the company and have an opportunity to receive some care, attention and some symbolical Christmas gift and several employees interacted with them and everybody had a special lunch together.