Occupational Safety and Health

Based on the declaration that “Safety is Our First Priority”, we establish operational safety as the basic principle of our activities in order to maintain stable and continuous growth of the Takasago Group.

Takasago Safety Day

The Takasago Group designated April 10th as "Takasago Safety Day”. This is the day to reflect on the 2013 fire, and to pledge, “Never to let such an accident happen again". Our Corporate Philosophy, "Contributing to Society through Technology", cannot be realized without safety. We must reaffirm the commitment, with tireless effort and strong will, to further cultivate safety awareness and the development of a safety culture in every aspect of our business.

Activity in 2017

CEO delivered a speech to all employees in Japan from Takasago Food Products on Takasago Safety Day and sent the video message to employees in overseas.

TIC Headquarters (Tokyo, Japan)

Address of EHS Executive and standard first aid training course.

TIC Hiratsuka Factory (Kanagawa, Japan)

Education of grounding, bonding, and static electricity by an external lecturer.

TIC Kashima Factory (Ibaraki, Japan)

Education of Foam Fire Extinguishing Equipment training and field observation of valves.

TIC Iwata Factory (Shizuoka, Japan)

Address of production division director、communication test of Multi Channel Access (wireless wide area network)and Satellite Phone with headquarters.

R&D (Kanagawa, Japan)

Safety check on dangerous goods storage condition, grounding/bonding effectiveness、and safety equipment.

Takasago West Japan (Hiroshima, Japan)

Fire fighting drill and education of fire and fire prevention collaborating with a local fire department.

Takasago Chemical Kakegawa Factory (Shizuoka, Japan)

Emergency shut-down drill of final outlet and the liquid transfer drill to emergency pit on the assumption of oil leakage to rainwater drainage.

Takasago Food Products (Shizuoka, Japan)

Education of grounding/bonding and check of continuity.

Takasago Coffee (Shizuoka, Japan)

Communication test of disaster prevention wireless system with TIC Iwata Factory, Takasago Food Products, and Takasago Chemical Kakegawa Factory.

Takasago Spice Hadano Factory (Kanagawa, Japan)

Fire fighting drill on assumption of fire at warehouse and check new emergency passage.

Nankaikako (Wakayama, Japan)

Education of industrial accident by a local Labor Standards Inspection Office.

TAKUS HQ (New Jersey, USA)

Fire Safety at Home and Work Poster contest was created to engage employees to discuss with their families the importance of fire safety at home and at work.

TAKUS Flavor Factory (New Jersey, USA)

Site EHS Manager presented video on fire extinguisher usage and demonstrated different types of extinguishers and proper usage.

TAKUS Fragrance Factory (New York, USA)

Safety Games involved employees identifying unsafe acts/conditions in posted pictures.

TDM (Mexico)

After education of grounding/bonding, checked if grounding / bonding is properly implemented in factory.

TBR (Brazil)

Training to understand the extent of the hazard and how it can be controlled, considering the fundamentals countermeasure against static electricity. Tour in the production area to strengthen the procedure of control of static electricity.

STU (Shanghai, China) Head office

Evacuation drill, fire extinguisher drill, and fire fighting drill by in-house fire-fighting team.

TIG (Guangzhou, China)

Field check of production area by a plant manager.

TIS (Singapore)

Fire extinguisher and breaking call point training and spill containment drill.

TII (India)

Evacuation drill and fire fighting training.

TEG (Germany)

Education of ignition hazards and protection measures in production with practical examples.

TEPL (France)

Game and questions to stimulate awareness at the electrostatic and fire risk in the production

TICSA (Spain)

Fire drill collaborating with local authorities on assumption of the fire from chemical storage and the rescue of an employee injured.