Occupational Safety and Health

Based on the declaration that “Safety is Our First Priority”, we establish operational safety as the basic principle of our activities in order to maintain stable and continuous growth of the Takasago Group.

Development of OHS Management System

We have formulated numerous rules and systems since December 2013. We will streamline these rules and systems through Takasago group’s OHSMS implementation. We will establish a safety culture and more practical management system to eliminate incidents.
We plan to create EHS management system that integrates both EMS and OHSMS with the goal of achieving a multi-site certificate similar to the current EMS certificate. We already achieved the acquisition of the certificate for production sites in Japan in the end of 2020, and expanding the scope to other countries by the end of 2021.

Please click here to reach the details for the current certificated sites.

Takasago Safety Day 2019

We designate April 10 as Takasago Safety Day. This day is to reflect on the fire accident in 2013, with a pledge to never let such accidents happen again.
On April 10, 2019, Takasago Safety Day was held with various safety trainings at all the group companies in and outside Japan to develop safety awareness and improve knowledge about safety. We all reaffirmed the commitment towards safety.

Standard Program

DVD Viewing

● Message from the CEO

● Safety Education

(Theme of 2019 is “Human Error”)

Our President and CEO delivered a speech at the Headquarters in Tokyo. The video message was sent to group companies outside Japan.

Satoshi Masumura, President and CEO, said in his briefing; “Having reviewed the accidents that frequently occurred at other manufacturers overseas in recent years, we must once again recognize how important it is to maintain safe and secure business operations. In approaching human error, our theme for this year, all of us must consider the measures we should take to prevent accidents based on what we are familiar with in our own working environments.”

Site Specific Programs

After conducting the Standard Program, each site conducted the following activities respectively;

Headquarters (Tokyo, Japan)

Conducted lecture on human error by a fire officer of a local fire department.

Hiratsuka Factory (Kanagawa, Japan)

Conducted on-the-table drill and carried out practical scenario training.

Iwata Factory (Shizuoka, Japan)

Conducted telecommunication tests and took safety education about human error.

Kashima Factory (Ibaraki, Japan)

Conducted operation skill test on forklift, fire drill, and safety education.

R&D (Kanagawa, Japan)

Conducted joint drill with local fire department, telecommunication test, and confirmed evacuation route.

Takasago West Japan (Hiroshima, Japan)

Conducted safety lecture by a specialist, safety meeting to review safety and measures to be taken.

Takasago Food Products
(Shizuoka, Japan)

Conducted safety lecture by the facility manager, safety education, and telecommunication test.

Takasago Spice Hadano Factory
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Conducted safety education and safety patrol in the workplace.

Takasago Chemical Kakegawa Factory
(Shizuoka, Japan)

Conducted safety education on the facility and forklift, life-saving training, and safety patrol in the workplace.

Takasago Coffee Iwata Factory
(Shizuoka, Japan)

Conducted telecommunication test and safety education.

Nankaikako (Wakayama, Japan)

Conducted life-saving training, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED operation, with a local fire department.
Confirmed evacuation methods from the refrigerator and freezer.

New Jersey, USA (Office)

Conducted hands on fire extinguisher training.

New Jersey, USA (Flavor Factory)

Conducted fire extinguisher simulation.

New York, USA (Fragrance Factory)

Conducted fire extinguisher simulation.


Conducted fire drill and emergency training.


Conducted emergency training.


Conducted emergency training, lecture about leadership in crisis, and shared ideas for fostering safety culture.

Guangzhou, China

Conducted fire drill, safety education, and safety lecture by an external specialist.

Shanghai, China

Conducted fire drill, safety education, and safety lecture.


Conducted spill control training.


Conducted safety education about flammable mist and chemical risks.


Conducted occupational safety education.


Conducted fire drill, lecture about removal of hazardous and harmful substances to human skin and eyes.
Conducted driving simulation.


Conducted fire drill.