Environmental Data

Period covered: April 2017 - March 2018 (Japan)
January 2017-December 2017 (Other than Japan)

Material Flow

■Environmental impact of our Business Activities in FY2017


Introduction of T-ReCS® for effective environmental data management

Takasago Responsible Care System (T-ReCS®) is a data reporting & tracking tool that precisely records and analyzes data collected from all of our locations. Takasago has been using the system since 2010, started with EHS platform to collect environmental data, and has now expanded its scope to social area as well.

Energy and Emissions

Takasago manufactures flavors and fragrances with a variety of natural raw materials, the production of which is spread all over the world. The price, quality and supply volume of our raw materials have been affected by bad weather globally especially these years. In addition, our production bases could be impacted by a natural disaster that risks supply of our products. These events are presumably caused by climate change.

As such, taking appropriate actions on climate change is an extremely important issue for us, not only to protect the global environment, but also to assure the supply of our products that is directly associated with sustainability of the business. Due to expansion of production bases, increase in production volume, and change in product type, the amount of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions in 2017 increased compared to 2016. We will continue making utmost efforts on reduction of GHG emissions through strengthening overall energy management, upgrading equipment, improving production processes and introducing more environmental friendly technologies such as continuous flow reaction process.

■Electricity consumption and CO2 emissions

Data for the Takasago group *restated

■Calculating Scope3

*As of December 2017