Global EHS

Organization for Sustainability

Global Integration Headquarters and EHS executive is leading the Takasago Sustainability Team. The team consists of the following 5 functions.
EHS, Human Resources, Operations, R&D, and Quality Assurance.

■Sustainability Team

Message from Senior Vice President

Tatsuya Yamagata

Senior Vice President,

Global Integration Headquarters

and EHS Executive

Accelerate Sustainability

Takasago celebrated its 100th anniversary on February 9, 2020. In that brilliant year and the final year of One-T, the current running medium term business plan, we made an official kick-off of Global SAP Project successfully and marked the first step for New Takasago. This project will take several years to integrate the ERP system at key affiliates outside Japan. Through this project, we aim to develop Takasago Best Practices and unify the business flow globally. With the standardized business flow and the Best Practices, we will be able to have more flexibility in human resources and provide challenging opportunities for our employees as well as conduct business in the best way anywhere. This is exactly what One-T is aiming for. The project is considered as the first important step for our next 100 years.

For the final year of One-T, we are focusing on the following challenges. Firstly, we released “Takasago Plan in response to TCFD recommendations” on our webpage on April 1, this year. Having prepared for the disclosure since the previous year, extensive discussions were conducted within the concerned departments as well as in the Sustainability Promoting Committee. The draft proposal was finally brought up to the Board of Directors for further discussion and approval. Through this process, we reconfirmed our policy of tackling climate change issues. Regarding indicators and targets, we will set them with SBTi criteria. In the latter half of the previous year, we started to look into indicators and targets through an opportunity provided by the Ministry of Environment. Having received the support, we were able to calculate CO2 emissions for all categories in Scope 3 and are now developing a globally standardized formula. Additionally, in the area of logistics that is difficult to unify globally, we have set a corporate policy and furthering discussion on targets and action plans to reduce CO2 emissions.

In the previous year, we formulated the Takasago Group’s Human Rights Policy, which is one of the most important frameworks for governance. Human Rights Due Diligence survey was then conducted at all affiliates in and outside Japan and at the headquarters, and we confirmed there was no occurrence of human rights violations. The survey questionnaire was made based on the guideline published by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. Conducting Human Rights Due Diligence helps identify vulnerability in our business process and system for improvement. To strengthen stakeholders’ engagement, we continue to strive in developing better and firmer relationship with every stakeholder.

To make steady and sustainable growth in a long term, we will make every possible effort to promote sustainability this year too.