Basic Approach

As stated in The Takasago Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct, The Takasago Group respects the global environment and local communities and believes its relationships with local communities are a fundamental part of its business. For a long time, we have been engaged in a variety of activities, such as the holding of cultural events, the provision of educational programs, donations and other support for community activities. We will continue these activities and strive to be a partner that is trusted by local communities.

Germany — More than 100,000 euros: Takasago helps flood victims

The flood disaster in July 2021 emotionally significantly impacted all of us. Some of our employees were directly affected, in some cases to a terrible extent. Those affected were granted additional special leave days. We also gave time off to people who wanted to help on a private, voluntary basis. We offered our employees the opportunity to talk to a crisis intervention coach. Through donations totaling 62,000 euros, we were able to support 19 people personally affected by the flood. This includes donations collected from our workforce that were then doubled by Takasago Europe GmbH and donations from sister companies and a business partner. In addition, Takasago International Corporation has donated a total of 40,000 euros to charitable organizations as a sign of compassion and solidarity. Together, we have been able to help donate over 100,000 euros.

France — Obsolete IT Equipment Recycling


We donate obsolete IT equipment to ISTPT association annually. The devices are repaired and have a second life with people who need them. This year we donated 18 printers, ten screens, a Juniper switch, Neoware, two laptops, three Lenovo desktops, and a CCTV system.

Spain — World Environment Day gift for employees


On the occasion of the World Environment Day, Takasago International Chemicals (Europe), S.A. gifted its employees a potted plant to remind them of the importance of taking care of the environment.



To aid the local tourism industry, Takasago International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. has sponsored Rediscover Singapore. Through this program that has been running since 2020, our staff are able to receive a limited budget to visit local tourism spots. The theme of this year’s photo competition is Fun and Creative.


Takasago International (India) Pvt. Ltd. has established a relationship with the Government school in Manambadhi and visited their higher secondary school. During the visit, they provided lights and celling fans for more than 17 classrooms for the students.


The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Takasago believes it is important to increase public awareness of mental health issues and fight the stigma associated with mental health. Therefore, on Tuesday, May 17th, employees wore something green to help raise awareness of the importance of Mental Health in today’s world. The color green signifies new life, new growth and new beginnings.




In response to a local high school’s request, we have participated in a program presenting interactive classes. In the classes, our staff present information about the workflow of our business. (Iwata Factory)


Takasago Coffee provided soil made from coffee grounds to nearby elementary schools