Products Development

In creation, it is critical to select the ingredients that will finally lead to a superior quality and then to know what ingredients are contributing to the essence itself of a fragrance or flavor.
In order to meet our customers' requirements, our products are created by taking inspiration from nature as a base, by taking advantage of most prestigious ingredients issued from essential oil extraction and fractionation, from biotechnologies like enzymatic and fermentation processes, and by combining results from functional materials researches.

Our flavors are not only issued from our creation experts. The richness of the flavors we provide is also the result of our ability to select and prepare natural materials. Like coffee and tea extracts, as a "Total food planner" we profile our food ingredients especially on demand.

Originally found in natural foods, our functional material DEOATAK® which has the strong property to fix and eliminate malodor compounds, finds more and more applications in flavors like chewing gums, tablets candy, oral cares product categories, and so on.
Our asymmetric synthesis technologies permit not only to develop outstanding aroma ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, photoconductors, and organic electroluminescent and liquid crystal materials. It has intensively been applied for various functional materials like natural ceramide moisturizers for instance.