Our Special Flavor Materials

Flavor products are the result of a meticulous formulation work that finally leads to a composition of various mixtures and single aroma ingredients.
We are developing and supporting innovative programs devoted to the creation of novel flavor materials.


Our flavor experts use of exceptional ingredients made from bioprocesses. Mainly applied to dairy products, these flavor ingredients issued from authentic natural enzymatic and fermentation processes usually followed with concentration or distillation steps are designed to obtain rich and mild flavor and to deliver great tasting creamy and milky flavors.

Citrus Oils and Citrus Aromas

Takasago Citrus Center in Florida manufactures citrus essential oils and aromas (grapefruits, orange, and so on). We aim to continually enrich our palette of citrus materials by designing cutting-edge extraction processes. With exceptional stability and solubility properties, our citrus oils are used as flavor ingredients and can easily be integrated into final products.


Nowadays, the increase in health concerns leads to an augmentation in the demand for foods with low sugar, low fat and low salt.
This shift in sugar, fat or salt balance frequently results in strengthening undesirable flavor notes. Our flavor experts strive to answer these challenging conditions by screening wide range of natural materials for existence of potential taste modulator ingredients, with the objectives to improve the sensation of sweetness, saltiness, fattiness and to reduce bitterness or sourness impact or to eliminate unpleasing characters.
Our INTENSATES® Flavors also work very well to improve the juiciness and to obtain the final perfect balance of the flavor.