Blend of Art and Science Fragrances

As the designers and creators of fragrances, we focus our research and development activities on every type of product, including Personal care, Fabric care and Air care categolies.

A creator of the products with fragrance except the flavor products is called a Perfumer.
Our perfumers meticulously design fragrances by selecting ingredients from the palette with thousands of items to meet the clients' needs in terms of concept and direction. Under the formulation workflow, sensory evaluation is done in order to improve the performance before finally giving birth to a new fragrance.

A fragrance is not only the results of an Artistic approach essential to answer to aesthetic requirements. Other specifications highly dependent of the product category require a scientific background in order to obtain a final fragrance with well-balanced qualities including for instance diffusivity, long lasting, stability among others.

Our fragrance creation also dedicates substantial part of its activities in the development of specialties and functional materials and supports the development of fundamental technologies.

We offer high-quality fragrances in collaboration with our expert researchers, evaluators and market analysts.