Manufacturing the Most Delicious Flavors

Manufacturing beverages like fruit juices and carbonated soft drinks, frozen dessert like ice creams and sherbets, confectionery like candies, chewing gums and bakery, or savory foods like snacks, instant noodles, hams, sausages and soups, we are constantly pushing our flavor creation to bring the most delicious tastes and the best flavors to foods.

VIVID® Flavors/Vivid Flavors®
Takasago’s vibrant true to nature flavors crafted by state of the art technology and expert flavor creations.

Application Technology
In order to achieve the flavors that fit with our customers demand, we attach great importance to design and to create aromas and tastes with manufacturing conditions that are close to the original recipes.Flavor impact, diffusivity and stability are improved in respect with several parameters.
All the steps implied in our flavors creations lead to the final products with high performances.