Analytical Technology

Natural Ingredients

Understanding what ingredients performs better to a taste or odor target is critical to create high quality flavors and fragrances. Our in-house analytical technologies provide a tremendous support to make us revealing nature mysteries.

In order to discover the very best key components, we promote the development and use of cutting-edge analytical technologies. Beneficiating of the collaboration of our talented perfumers and flavorists expertise we have been able to unravel for instance the ingredients delivered in the delicate odor of a living flower, or the most tasteful flavor compounds in foods.

Analytical apparatuses like GC-MS, MDGC-MS, GCxGC-MS, GC-Olfactometry, GC-FPD/FTD, HPLC, LC-MSMS, High-resolution mass spectrometer, NMR permit among others to directly look into the nature and to discover these essential ingredients from solid, liquid and gas environments. It becomes possible as well to directly measure how these key materials are delivered from a matrix over the time.

Combined with powerful in-house extraction methods so called AROMASCOPE®, we can collect the odor ingredients directly emitted from their native location without disrupting the surrounding environment.

All the data issued from our analytical science, including the one issued from the discoveries made from nature, from synthesis work or from the product are consolidated and directly applied to give birth to our new aroma ingredients and specialties used in our creation.

Quality Control and Assurance technologies

Our analytical and technology research laboratory is accredited to provide ISO/IEC17025 quality, international standard for laboratory facilities.

The quality assurance and quality control of products and raw materials, certified by International accrediting bodies, are assured with the constant objectives to improve and conduct analytical physicochemical and microbial measurements as required by our customers.

The globalization of analytical and testing technologies has become essential to ensure the safety and the quality of ingredients and products we deliver from our factories around the world. Hence our Japan laboratory, as the core of Takasago's analytical techniques, is committed to make technical advancements and unify all technologies related to quality assurance.

*AROMASCOPE is a registered trademark of Takasago International Corporation in Japan.