Establishment of Sales Office in Pakistan

Takasago International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., subsidiary of Takasago International Corporation, opened new office in Lahore, Pakistan.


Pakistan is a country of South Asia that is about two times as large as Japan, bordering China, India, Afghanistan and Iran. It has a population of about 200 million people, and is expected to grow in the future, has a big potential as an emerging market. By establishing a new base in Pakistan, we aim to strengthen our sales structure with providing more fulfilling services in the region.


Outline of Pakistan office

(1) Name: Takasago International (Pakistan) (Private) Limited


(2) Location: 79-D, 1st Floor, DHE-EME, Multan Road, Lahore-54500, Pakistan


(3) Representative: Lim Chin Whay


(4) Business description: Sales promotion of Flavor and Fragrance


(5) Establishment: December, 2017