We partner with Takasago’s cross-functional teams to incorporate consumer frameworks from discovery to activation. Our Insights collaborative teams use contemporary hybrid tools to enable both deep learning and agile conversations with consumers across different life stages.  Our learning plans cover all aspects of human interactions from Behavior, Emotion and Perception (BeEPer™).  Our TrendSeeds™ approach integrates various sources of technology, market, product and consumer inputs;  then  uses meta-analysis and digital technology/artificial intelligence (AI) to identify patterns and opportunities for innovation. From these, we optimize actions that capture changing global forces and emerging trends and technologies to deliver winning products.


Reimagine the Future Post Pandemic: What’s Next for Food & Beverage Flavor Innovation?

Reimagine the Future Post Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic shifted consumer behaviors and accelerated technology adoption and digital transformation that will continue to shape our world in years to come.  We identify four key themes that have risen and are projected to stay for a reimagined future.  We uncover new flavor concepts to help food and beverage companies stay ahead of the curve and thrive in the new environment.

Latest Topics

TrendSeeds™️ Approach and Flavor TrendSeeds™️ Study

Takasago’s  TrendSeeds™ program integrates various sources of technology, market, product and consumer input using meta-analysis and digital technology/AI to identify patterns and extract innovation insights.    We incorporate hybrid approaches such as ideation  & discovery boards, real time consumer workshops, ethnographies, product usage and consumer mindset studies to gain deeper consumer insights and identify closer-in to farther out new product opportunities.


Understanding the Multifaceted  Plant-based Consumer

Plant-based products are witnessing significant growth driven by flexitarians globally. We initiated a series of reiterative consumer learning studies to understand consumers perceptions, preferences, behaviours and emotions surrounding dairy and meat analogs.  Each phase enables us to learn and broaden our perspective and offerings for developing plant-based products. Our studies showed differences in consumptions, motivations, desired ingredients and products across countries, age groups and eating behavior groups. Takasago’s research demonstrates how having more options when it comes to flavors and formats is of fundamental importance.