Aroma Ingredients & other

Aroma Ingredients are the materials for fragrance. Perfumers, like painters, create their masterpiece by selecting colors of different hues from a palette, and combine these ingredients in a certain way, in order to produce a scent expressing a certain natural feeling.

Perfumers create fragrances with their own creative imagination by using these raw materials. TAKASAGO creates fragrances not only by our creative imagination and preferences, but also by our scientific expertise, with the concept of ‘art plus science.’ This means that science is a fundamental part of fragrance creation, in which, we take scientific properties like substantivity, diffusivity, stability, etc. into consideration.

TAKASAGO’s original materials for fragrances include menthol, which is mainly used in toothpastes and gums. Menthol is also used in cosmetic materials such as whitening agents and ceramide moisturizing agents, and other various functional fragrance. Lastly, the so-called optically active (chiral) chemicals applying Asymmetric Synthesis Technology.