Delicious, Mouthwatering, Regional

Takasago excels in flavors for any savory application. As a Japan based company, we are experts at authentic regional profiles ranging from the Asian, the Mediterranean to the Latin region.

Savory Application Experts

Savory Application Experts

Our savory applications and flavorists,
with a comprehensive knowledge of authentic regional cuisines around the world, are experts  supporting development of products and concepts in many savory applications.

Flavors for:

• Processed Meats
• Seasoning Blends & Marinades
• Soups & Sauces
• Bouillons & Broths
• Surimi & Other Seafood Applications
• Authentic Regional Cuisines from around
 the world
• Taste Modulation
• Japanese Heritage Profiles


What is Ramen?

With the world wide rising popularity
of Japanese cuisine and especially
Ramen, Takasago can solve any of
your flavor related problems with its
100 years of dedication and expertise.

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