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TAKASAGO specialty flavors are designed for any type of dairy or non-dairy application. In addition, a line of flavors has been designed for use in fruit preparations that can be applied to yogurt, ice cream, or cottage cheese.

Savory Application Experts

Dairy Application Experts

Our dairy application experts can support the development of any dairy or non-dairy application.

Flavors for:

• Yogurt (Spoonable/Drinkable)
• Flavored Milk
• Ice Cream
• Frozen Desserts (Gelato, Sherbet)
• Cottage Cheese
• Savor Yogurt Dips & Spreads
• Fruit Preparations
• Others

TAKASAGO specialized in vanilla
La Vanille T

La Vanille T

As a global leader in flavors, TAKASAGO specialized in vanilla with manufacturing facilities in Madagascar and Morocco.