Technical Info

Takasago’s ligand and catalyst technologies are based on continuous efforts and numerous experiences over a quarter century. Please feel free to access our tehcnologies as well as products! We hope the following documents will help you achieve your chemistry.

Technical Documents

Technical Information [pdf]
Ligand and Catalyst Guide [pdf]
Procedure of Asymmetric Hydrogenation Reactions [pdf]
Procedure of Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation Reactions [pdf]
Typical Procedure of Transesterification with ZnTAC24 [pdf]
Typical Procedure of Hydrogenation Using Ru-MACHO [pdf]

Technical Information

1. Asymmetric Hydrogenation
1.1 Classical Hydrogenation
1.1.1 Functionalized ketones
a. β-Ketoesters
b. α-Ketoesters
c. γ-Ketoesters
d. Hydroxyacetones & Amino ketones
e. 1.3-Diketones
f. Keto sufonates & Keto phosphonates
g. Dynamic Kinetic Resolution
1.1.2 Imines
1.1.3 Olefins
a. α,β-Uunsaturated Carboxylic Acids
b. Itaconic acid delivatives
c. Allyl alcohols
d. α,β-Unsaturated lactones
e. Diketene & Methylene-γ-butyrolactone
f. Dehydro amino acids
g. Enamides h. Enamino esters
1.2 Direct Reductive Amination
1.3 RuCl2(diphosphine)(diamine) catalyzed Hydrogenation
a. Aryl alkyl ketones & Heteroaryl alkyl ketones
b. Aryl aryl ketones
c. Others
d. Dynamic Kinetic Resolution
2. Asymmetric Isomerization
3. Monophosphine Ligands for Pd catalyzed Coupling Reactions
3.2 Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction
4. Other Reactions
4.1 Cyanomethylation
4.2 Vinylation & Phenylation
4.3 Fluorination
4.4 Aza-Michael addition
4.5 Asymmetric alcoholysis of azlactone
4.6 Cyclotrimerization of terminal alkynes
5. Publications

Ligand and Catalyst Guide

Takasago Catalyst - Decision Tree-
Ketone to Alcohol
Ketone to Amine
Olefin to Alkane
Allylamine to Aldehyde
Buchwald-Hartwig Reaction
Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction
Vinylation and Arylation

General Procedure

Procedure of Asymmetric Hydrogenation Using Diphosphine-Ruthenium Complex
Procedure of Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation Using Ruthenium Complex
Typical Procedure of Transesterification with ZnTAC24
Typical Procedure of Hydrogenation Using Ru-MACHO