Started GMP manufacturing in ton scale with continuous flow equipment using LAH as a reducing agent

Flow Chemistry offers various benefits to manufacturing of chemical synthesis, such as improvement of reaction time, better temperature control, multi-step production and safety and environmental profiles.


Lithium aluminum hydride (LAH) is a very powerful reducing agent frequently used in organic synthetic methodologies to convert several types of oxygen containing carbon moieties, especially for the reduction of ketones, aldehydes, esters, carboxylic acids, and amides. However, LAH reacts vigorously with water, acids and alcohols and easily catches fire.


Therefore, it is challenging to use it for a large scale manufacturing because of the difficulty in handling a large amount of LAH. In addition to laboratory scale production, Takasago succeeded in production of ton scale with LAH reducing agent by using our continuous flow manufacturing technology.


Takasago has obtained excellent reputation from pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the world for our catalyst and ligand technologies which not only improve economical and production efficiency but also reduce environmental burden.


Using a continuous reactor, Takasago has been manufacturing ton scale products in GMP with asymmetric hydrogenation and reductive amination, and we have these technologies for the important intermediates synthesis of pharmaceuticals. We will continue to provide new products based on technological stance.