Ligands & Catalysts

Takasago's ligand and catalyst technologies are based on continuous efforts and numerous experiences over a quarter century. These products were for many years reserved exclusively for in-house use, but now they are being made available to the many clients wishing to take advantage of them in their own process design and manufacturing operations. Also being offered is the option of process development and contract manufacturing by Takasago.

Please feel free to access our tehcnologies as well as products! We hope the following documents will help you achieve your chemistry.

For large quantities, please contact Fine Chemicals Division.
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For any quantities of products with*(asterisk), please contact Fine Chemicals Division.

Catalysts See Ligands

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  CAS Number Product Name Capacity
Latest Catalysts 1295649-40-9 Ru-MACHO 100KG<
1295649-41-0 Ru-MACHO-BH 100KG<
1299489-47-6 ZnTAC24 100KG<
1384974-38-2 (R)-RUCY-XylBINAP 100KG<
1312713-89-5 (S)-RUCY-XylBINAP 100KG<
1333981-84-2 (R,R)-Ts-DENEB 100KG<
1384974-37-1 (S,S)-Ts-DENEB 100KG<
1333981-86-4 (R,R)-Ms-DENEB 100KG<
1361318-83-3 (S,S)-Ms-DENEB 100KG<
145926-28-9 [RuCl(p-cymene)((R)-binap)]Cl 750KG
1034001-51-8 [RuCl(p-cymene)((R)-tolbinap)]Cl 750KG
944451-24-5 [RuCl(p-cymene)((R)-xylbinap)]Cl 750KG
944451-26-7 [RuCl(p-cymene)((R)-H8-binap)]Cl Please contact
944451-28-9 [RuCl(p-cymene)((R)-segphos)]Cl 750KG
944451-30-3 [RuCl(p-cymene)((R)-dm-segphos)]Cl 750KG
944451-32-5 [RuCl(p-cymene)((R)-dtbm-segphos)]Cl 750KG
130004-33-0 [RuCl(p-cymene)((S)-binap)]Cl 750KG
228120-95-4 [RuCl(p-cymene)((S)-tolbinap)]Cl 750KG
944451-25-6 [RuCl(p-cymene)((S)-xylbinap)]Cl 750KG
944451-27-8 [RuCl(p-cymene)((S)-H8-binap)]Cl Please contact
944451-29-0 [RuCl(p-cymene)((S)-segphos)]Cl 750KG
944451-31-4 [RuCl(p-cymene)((S)-dm-segphos)]Cl 750KG
944451-33-6 [RuCl(p-cymene)((S)-dtbm-segphos)]Cl 750KG
199684-47-4 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((R)-binap))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
749935-02-2 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((R)-tolbinap))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
944451-08-5 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((R)-xylbinap))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
204933-84-6 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((R)-H8-binap))2(u-Cl)3] Please contact
346457-41-8 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((R)-segphos))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
935449-46-0 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((R)-dm-segphos))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
199541-17-8 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((S)-binap))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
309735-86-2 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((S)-tolbinap))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
944451-10-9 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((S)-xylbinap))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
944451-12-1 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((S)-H8-binap))2(u-Cl)3] Please contact
488809-34-3 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((S)-segphos))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
944451-14-3 [NH2Me2][(RuCl((S)-dm-segphos))2(u-Cl)3] 750KG
325146-81-4 Ru(OAc)2[(R)-binap] 200KG
116128-29-1 Ru(OAc)2[(R)-tolbinap] 200KG
374067-50-2 Ru(OAc)2[(R)-xylbinap] 200KG
374067-51-3 Ru(OAc)2[(R)-H8-binap] Please contact
944450-48-0 Ru(OAc)2[(R)-segphos] 200KG
944450-49-1 Ru(OAc)2[(R)-dm-segphos] 200KG
1025477-38-6 Ru(OAc)2[(R)-dtbm-segphos] 200KG
261948-85-0 Ru(OAc)2[(S)-binap] 200KG
106681-15-6 Ru(OAc)2[(S)-tolbinap] 200KG
374067-49-9 Ru(OAc)2[(S)-xylbinap] 200KG
142962-95-6 Ru(OAc)2[(S)-H8-binap] Please contact
373650-12-5 Ru(OAc)2[(S)-segphos] 200KG
944450-50-4 Ru(OAc)2[(S)-dm-segphos] 200KG
1025476-84-9 Ru(OAc)2[(S)-dtbm-segphos] 200KG
220114-32-9 RuCl2[(R)-xylbinap][(R)-daipen] 300KG
220114-38-5 RuCl2[(R)-xylbinap][(R,R)-dpen] 300KG
944450-43-5 RuCl2[(R)-dm-segphos][(R)-daipen] 300KG
944450-45-7 RuCl2[(R)-dm-segphos][(R,R)-dpen] 300KG
220114-01-2 RuCl2[(S)-xylbinap][(S)-daipen] 300KG
220114-03-4 RuCl2[(S)-xylbinap][(S,S)-dpen] 300KG
944450-44-6 RuCl2[(S)-dm-segphos][(S)-daipen] 300KG
944450-46-8 RuCl2[(S)-dm-segphos][(S,S)-dpen] 300KG
192139-92-7 RuCl[(R,R)-Tsdpen](p-cymene) 750KG
174813-82-2 RuCl[(R,R)-Tsdpen](mesitylene) 200KG
1026995-71-0 RuCl[(R,R)-Fsdpen](p-cymene) 200KG
192139-90-5 RuCl[(S,S)-Tsdpen](p-cymene) 750KG
174813-81-1 RuCl[(S,S)-Tsdpen](mesitylene) 200KG
1026995-72-1 RuCl[(S,S)-Fsdpen](p-cymene) 200KG

Product names listed above are our original trade names and not in accordance with general chemical notation.

Please refer to the general procedures. (PDF)

Ligands See Catalysts

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  CAS Number Product Name Capability
(R)-Ligand 76189-55-4 (R)-(+)-BINAP 1000KG
99646-28-3 (R)-(+)-TolBINAP 1000KG
137219-86-4 (R)-(+)-XylBINAP 1000KG
139139-86-9 (R)-(+)-H8-BINAP Please contact
244261-66-3 (R)-(+)-SEGPHOS 1000KG
850253-53-1 (R)-(+)-DM-SEGPHOS 1000KG
566940-03-2 (R)-(-)-DTBM-SEGPHOS 1000KG
144222-34-4 (R,R)-TsDPEN * Please contact
1026785-12-5 (R,R)-FsDPEN * Please contact
852212-92-1 (R,R)-TipsDPEN Please contact
(S)-Ligand 76189-56-5 (S)-(-)-BINAP 1000KG
100165-88-6 (S)-(-)-TolBINAP 1000KG
135139-00-3 (S)-(-)-XylBINAP 1000KG
139139-93-8 (S)-(-)-H8-BINAP Please contact
210169-54-3 (S)-(-)-SEGPHOS 1000KG
210169-57-6 (S)-(-)-DM-SEGPHOS 1000KG
210169-40-7 (S)-(+)-DTBM-SEGPHOS 1000KG
167316-27-0 (S,S)-TsDPEN * Please contact
313342-24-4 (S,S)-FsDPEN * Please contact
247923-41-7 (S,S)-TipsDPEN Please contact
Other Ligand 384842-25-5 vBRIDP 30KG
384842-24-4 Cy-vBRIDP 100KG

Product names listed above are our original trade names and not in accordance with general chemical notation.

Please refer to the general procedure of asymmetric hydrogenation and
asymmetric transfer hydrogenation. (PDF format)