Fine Chemicals a world without end.

Fine chemicals Division of Takasago International Corporation is developing and producing important intermediates supporting life science and electronics industries with our core technology - Catalyst.

Since our success in commercialization of l -menthol with asymmetric catalytic synthesis in 1983, our creative and original researches have contributed to variety of industries as a pioneer of homogenous catalyst.

Our main asymmetric ligands, SEGPHOS® and BINAP, have been used in production of medicines for such as lifestyle-related diseases, infectious diseases and central nervous system degenerative diseases.
Also, our coupling ligands, BRIDP® series, show its powerfulness in production, using a coupling reaction, of photo conductive materials.

Takasago has obtained excellent reputation from pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the world for our catalyst and ligand technologies which not only improve economical and production efficiency but also reduce environmental burden.