Asymmetric Hydrogenation

We at Takasago International Corporation are the experts in asymmetric hydrogenation. Besides our long record of experience in contract manufacturing of optically active compounds and other fine chemicals, we supply catalysts and ligands, license out technology, and do research on contract, all in the field of asymmetric hydrogenation.

Contract Manufacturing

We have been a pioneer in installing high-pressure hydrogenation facilities capable of maximizing asymmetric hydrogenation performance. Our high-pressure hydrogenation facilities are the finest in the world, and we have a rigorous regime in place to guarantee the quality of the optically active compounds we produce and ensure regulatory compliance.

Hydrogenation Equipment
Equipment Material Volume Number Pressure
Autoclave Hastelloy 0.1m3 1 10MP
1m3 1 10MP
3.5m3 1 5MP
10m3 1 5MP
Stainless Steel 2m3 1 3MP
3.5m3 1 3.5MP
5m3 1 5MP
7m3 1 3MP
10m3 1 3MP
10m3 1 5MP

Manufacture and sale of catalysts and ligands

Our catalysts and ligands are sold as reagents through Strem Chemicals, Sigma-Aldrich and Tokyo Chemical Industry. They can also be supplied at anywhere from the kilogram to the hundred kilogram scale, in which case we sell them directly ourselves. Takasago also offers quality assurance and provides procedural guidelines for utilizing catalysts and ligands efficiently, which enables the client to achieve the same level of quality on its own production site as we achieve on ours.

Licensing of technology

We hold patents relating not only to asymmetric synthesis but to numerous other reactions as well, ranging from patents for catalysts and ligands to process patents. Clients wishing to utilize Takasago catalysts and ligands in their own process design and manufacturing operations now have access to these.

Contract research

The unrivaled knowledge and know-how we have built up over the decades give us the edge as the experts in asymmetric hydrogenation. That specialized knowledge enables our seasoned research staff to determine exactly how to optimize the production processes you use. So if a process has been developed by Takasago, rest assured that it can be recreated and scaled up on your own production site.