History of Takasago Fine Chemicals Division

Takasago has a history of over a quarter century in asymmetric synthesis and our challenge to create new technologies will continue.

1980 Professor Ryoji Noyori’s group developed BINAP catalyst.
Asymmetric isomerization of allylamine by Rh-BINAP complex.
Asymmetric synthesis of l -menthol.
1983 Commercial production of BINAP by optical resolution.
The first industrial asymmetric isomerization, l -menthol.
1984 Asymmetric hydrogenation of dehydroamino acids by Ru-BINAP complex.
1988 Asymmetric hydrogenation of β-ketoesters by Ru-BINAP complex.
1989 Dynamic kinetic resolution.
4-Acetoxy azetidinone, 4-AA process.
1992 Commercial production of chiral 1,2-propanediol.
1993 Commercial production of 4-AA.
1994 Hydroformylation ligands, BINAPHOS and BIPNITE.
1995 Noyori reduction, RuCl2(diphosphine)(diamine) system.
1996 Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation, RuCl2(arene)(sulfonylated diamine) system.
SEGPHOS®, advanced-BINAP ligand.
2001 Professor Ryoji Noyori, a board member of Takasago, received the Nobel Prize.
BRIDP®, advanced ligands for Pd-Coupling.
2002 Received Molecular Chirality Award, "Development of SEGPHOS".
2003 Reductive amination for β-amino acid.
2005 Cu mediated asymmetric hydrogenation.
2006 Received Merck’s Suppliers’ Award.
2007 Received Tetrahedron Most Cited Paper 2004-2007 Award, "Recent Advances in Biaryl-Type Bisphosphine Ligands".
Hydrogenation of esters by homogeneous catalyst .
2008 Received Supplier Award from Fuji Electric Co.
Received Tetrahedron Most Cited Paper 2005-2008 Award, "Recent Advances in Biaryl-Type Bisphosphine Ligands".
2009 Received Poster Award at 2009’s OMCOS in Glasgow, "An Efficient Synthesis of Chiral Alcohols via Catalytic Hydrogenation of Esters".
Received JSPC Award for Excellence at the Japanese Society for Process Chemistry 2009 Summer Symposium for the poster presentaion titled "An Efficient Synthesis of Chiral Alcohols via Catalytic Hydrogen Reduction of Esters."
2010 Homogeneous catalyst for hydrogenation of esters, Ru-MACHO®.
Received Lilly Global Supplier Award.
Homogeneous catalyst for acylation, ZnTAC24®.
2011 Novel asymmetric hydrogenation catalyst, RUCY®.
Novel aymmetric transfer hydrogen catalyst, DENEB®.
2013 Installed Vertical Pipe Flow Reactor (Kakegawa).
2014 Installed Vertical Pipe Flow Reactor (Iwata).
Installed CSTR with Counter Current Extraction.
2015 3 Process Validations for GMP intermediates with Continuous Flow.
Started commercial production.
2016 FDA Inspected at Iwata.
2018 GMP intermediate (ton scale) in continuous flow by the reducing agent LAH.
FDA and PMDA inspection at Iwata Factory.

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