REACH Policy Statement

Takasago International Corporation fully supports the objectives of the new European Union regulation regarding the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). We understand the need to register under REACH all the substances that are manufactured or imported into the European Union (EU) in volumes of greater than 1 metric ton per year and will therefore undertake a broad pre-registration under REACH of our aroma-chemical products and the chemical ingredients portfolios regardless of the volumes and the country of production.

Takasago International is in the process of reviewing the data and supporting information for the aroma-chemical products from Takasago which are directly impacted by REACH. Takasago will also support the use of our ingredients in consumer products, within the limits imposed by REACH, acknowledging financial considerations for all materials under the REACH regulation. Takasago will also do our utmost to protect the supply of raw materials we use to manufacture fragrances in Europe, in order to reduce the impact of REACH on our fragrance customers. Support for the flavor use of our aroma-chemicals and the raw materials we use to produce flavors in Europe will not be necessary since flavors contained in foods and pharmaceuticals are outside the scope of REACH.

In addition to developing our own internal REACH strategy, Takasago has been directly involved with the European Flavour & Fragrance Association (EFFA) to develop and implement a REACH action plan for the industry. Further, we support the creation of industry consortia for data sharing to reduce further testing and minimize associated support and data costs, and are actively working on the creation of several consortia.

Should you have any questions regarding our position or compliance with REACH, please contact your local Takasago International Corporation sales representative or our Global REACH Coordinator,Olivier Gouault