History of Takasago 1990-1999


  • New corporate logo

    New corporate logo

The new corporate logo "T-Square" was published.
"The Memory of Smell", an essay published on Takasago's 70th Anniversary.


  • TEG(Germany)

    TEG (Germany)

Takasago Europe G.m.b.H was established in Zülpich, Germany.
Takasago de Mexico's new building was built.


  • STU (Shanghai, China)

    STU (Shanghai, China)

  • The Central Research Laboratory

    The Central Research Laboratory

Shanghai Takasago-Union Fragrance and Flavor Company Limited was established, replacing Tri-Union Perfumery Company Limited.
A new research center building was built in Hiratsuka, Japan.


Takasago Korea was established in Seoul, Korea.


  • Fragrance Factory in St. Ouen l'Aumône

    Fragrance Factory in St. Ouen l'Aumône

A new fragrance factory was built in Saint Ouen, Paris.
A new fragrance factory was built in Singapore.


  • Headquarter at Kamata

    Headquarter at Kamata

Takasago Headquarters moved to Nissay Aroma Square Building in Kamata.
ACEDESA became 100% owned by Takasago.


  • Synthetic Aroma Chemicals Factory

    Synthetic Aroma Chemicals Factory

A synthetic aroma chemicals plant was built in Chicago, USA.