The origin of the corporate philosophy

“Kainosho notebooks,” where Tadaka wrote about the research
in Europe (center/right) and a photo taken during the training at a
natural aroma manufacturer in Grasse, South France (left)

Corporate QC Policy

These old notebooks were used by Tadaka Kainosho, the founder of Takasago International Corporation, when he was studying perfumery in Europe.
Tadaka, born in Kyoto in 1880, studied organic chemistry at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Kyoto Imperial University and after graduation assumed the post of associate professor at the university. In Japan, this was a time when commercially available fragrances and ingredients were mostly imported. While engaging in his academic pursuits, Tadaka came to wish that he were able to launch a perfumery business as a homegrown industry pioneer. In 1910, aiming to fulfill this aspiration, he went to Europe by himself and at his own expense.


Tadaka got to study in France and Switzerland, the world’s leading fragrance producers, and he put down everything he learned there in these notebooks. Containing pages of writing in French and German, they give a sense of the young Tadaka’s passion as well as his keen interest in the technology. The notebooks hold a great deal of meaning for Takasago International Corporation, as they provide the foundation of the company’s corporate philosophy of technology-based development.
After his return to Japan, Tadaka was determined to found a company specializing in the manufacture of aroma ingredients, one of the first of its kind in Japan. His motivation was a strong belief that fragrances and flavors enrich people’s lives and can thus contribute to society. Those who had previously worked under Tadaka came together and Takasago International Corporation began with these technical experts in 1920.
Since then, the company has consistently pursued cutting-edge technology research, guided by its corporate philosophy of “Contributing to Society through Technology.” The business has thus been developed to presently supply flavors and fragrances as well as other products through the application of proprietary techniques, thereby contributing to enriching people's lives.
The company started to advance overseas in 1960, ahead of other firms, including creation centers and factories on five continents.


The founder’s passion and aspirations have been passed down over the past century to individual employees working for the company today at different locations around the world. We will drive our global business forward, aiming to become a world-leading flavors and fragrances supplier and fulfill our mission to deliver products so that countless people can increase their enjoyment of life.

[The corporate philosophy of Takasago International Corporation] Contributing to Society through Technology

Takasago International Corporation marks its 100th birthday in 2020.