Cultivating relationships with employees

In our Charter of Corporate Behavior, we promise to “have a high regard for each and every employee and promote safe and comfortable workplaces in order to achieve comfort and prosperity for our employees.” We work hard to fulfill this pledge and promote the health and safety of our employees.

Promoting stable employment

The Takasago Group is an equal opportunity employer that strives to promote workplace diversity and offer stable employment.

■Employment conditions

We are committed to a locally led approach to global recruitment activities and also to recruitment practices founded in transparency and in adherence to human rights standards. We are also initiating a re-employment scheme through which retired Takasago personnel can again utilize their experience and abilities and an employment scheme designed to provide permanent employment.

Career development support

The Takasago Group actively supports the development of human resources by promoting the creation of a work environment in which employees with diverse ambitions can find value in their work.

Global human resource meeting

We held a global human resource meeting by collecting personnel in charge of human resource in overseas affiliate groups in order to support globalization of business operations. We promote building and maintenance of the global human resource system via this meeting. The purpose of building a global human resource policy is to help employees of different nationality who are working all over the world, play active roles by placing the right people in the right jobs.

Respect for human rights and elimination of discrimination

The Takasago Group does not tolerate discrimination based on nationality, gender, creed, social status or ability. In the EHS100 medium- to long-term plan, we have enumerated four priority issues regarding our “Respect for Basic Human and Worker Rights”: Child Labor, Respect for the Individual, Hiring of Disabled Workers, and Assessment of Suppliers. In line with this, we are currently working on the following activities:

Respect for Basic Human and Worker Rights

  • Prohibition against the labor of children under the age of 15
  • Implementation of human rights education
  • Creation of job opportunities for persons with disabilities
  • Provision of the Takasago International Corporation Suppliers’ Code of Conduct to suppliers

Promoting diversity

We are striving to create a work environment that welcomes and respects diversity and empowers individuals to realize their full potential. As part of this, we will continue our efforts to increase the percentage of female managers and foreign national employees while promoting the benefits of diversity by holding study meetings and providing information via pamphlets and our website.

■Ratio of female employees and female managers

Female Employee Ratio = Number of female employees ÷ Total number of employees × 100
Female Managerial Position Ratio = Number of female managers ÷ Total number of employees × 100

Employee health and safety

The Takasago Group is working on a “5S/ Kaizen Activities Plan” in our efforts to support employee safety.
We have also formulated EHS Guideline to help prevent industrial accidents. The number of accidents that occurred within the Group during fiscal 2014 was 41, and the accident frequency rate was 6.2. Moving forward, we will continue our efforts to maintain and enhance employee safety both at work and while commuting.

■Industrial accidents

* Frequency rate:

Number of accidents resulting in one day or more off work ÷ Total hours worked × 1,000,000
The frequency rates reported above cover Takasago employees and employees of other companies working at production sites and laboratories belonging to the Takasago Group (excluding traffic).

Supporting health maintenance and improvement

We are collecting and observing date regarding employee health examinations.

■Rate of employees who received a health examination (periodic health checkup or complete medical checkup)