Utilizing the Strengths of the 5S/Kaizen System in Aiming for Zero Injuries

About 5S/Kaizen Activities

5S/Kaizen activities were implemented at all production divisions in all of Takasago's domestic group companies beginning in April 2006. At all of the company's Production site today as well we are promoting awareness of the company policy, slogan, courses of action, and establishment of the 5S's. The 5S/Kaizen activities being implemented aim to improve the working environment to assure safety and boost productivity. Sorting, setting in order, and systematic cleanup activities lead to assuring safety and the effective use of resources. It contributes significantly to occupational safety and health and also ties in to cleanup in the vicinity of the plants and other environmental activities carried out in close cooperation with the local community.

Cleanup activity around the factory,
with the participation of all employees

5S Workshop