Global EHS

Organizations for CSR Promotion

The Takasago Group has established the "Group EHS Committee" comprising of EHS Executive and Chief EHS Officers from 4 regions of Asia-Pacific, EMEA, the Americas, and Japan in order to realize the CSR vision. The "Group EHS Committee" discusses and determines the contents of CSR-related policies, strategies, and activities and rolls out the CSR activities globally in order to realize a sustainable society. Furthermore, the Site EHS Managers are assigned to all production sites, domestic and overseas, in order to practice and to reinforce activities related to environment, health and safety.

■Quadrupolar (Asia Pacific, Americas, EMEA, and Japan) Contributory Management

Quadrupolar (Asia Pacific, Americas, EMEA, and Japan) Contributory Management

Message from EHS Executive

Since June 2015, I have been assigned as the EHS Executive. We have been committed to enforcing the safety management system and establishing safety culture since the fire accident at Hiratsuka Factory occurred in 2013. We will also make further efforts to develop safety culture under the management philosophy of "Safety comes in the first" in the future. The Takasago group has launched Phase III of EHS100 in 2015, which is the intermediate- and long-term plan of EHS in our group.
We would like to actively work for challenges towards further progress and growth in the Takasago Group. We will promote environment-friendly manufacturing technology that supports a sustainable society, and focus on the EHS activity and the CSR activity.

Tatsuya Yamagata

Tatsuya Yamagata
Senior Vice President
Takasago International Corporation