Formulation of flavor, done on a wide range of products requires a specific know-how related to each application. Product categories vary from beverages, chewing gum, tablets, cookies, powdered food such as powdered beverages and food, to processed foods...
Takasago International develops as well several types of flavor enhancers and specialties in order to offer our customers easy-to-use flavoring preparations: emulsified forms of flavors or flavor solubilizers like FLIS® and MICRON® technologies.

This technology employs a spray drying process to produce powdered flavors. Commonly used for flavoring powders, it is found in various applications such as food and beverage powders, confectionary and other products.

This technology is used for encapsulating flavor in a glassy matrix, producing large and beautifully colored particles. It is often used in sweets such as chewing gum and tablet candy.

Flavor ingredients absorbed in excipients such as dextrin component can benefit from this technology. It is often used in seasonings and other processed foods, and permits excellent flavor expression and delivery as well as good odor diffusivity.