Aroma Ingredients

Takasago expands the realm of possibilities in aroma ingredients through its own original technology of asymmetric synthesis and wide-ranging applied research. By developing innovative synthetic aroma ingredients, we expand the perfumers’ and the flavorists’ palette of materials for their newest creations.

Takasago is the global leader in asymmetric synthesis of l -Menthol and menthol-derived Sensates® brand sensory materials, providing flavorists with the highest quality, innovative cooling materials for confectionary and oral care products. Takasago utilizes its expertise in asymmetric synthesis of aroma ingredients to produce specialty materials introduced as "Chiraroma®" brand that are powerful with a clean natural odor. These chiral chemicals are perfect for use in fine fragrance, personal and beauty care applications, and household products.

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∗"Sensates®" is a trademark of Takasago International Corporation.